Rise like a Phoenix!

We are a new team at InCiti GAMES. Our mission is to create games for gamers from gamers. Our team includes veterans who have collaborated on The Witcher and AAA titles, among others, and brand new young blood creating Indie games. We aim to create new AAA titles but we have to start somewhere. We will start by creating a few indie titles, we will donate the funds for development. We are coming out of the shadows. But we know that this is not enough to reach our goal, we need you and you, gamers, game lovers open to new! Support us by subscribing to our channel or buying our games! Thank you! Over and out!


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Man vs Robots in the $1 000 000 fight of the evening. Smash hundreds of robots in 12 rounds. Collect bonuses and destroy with the power of god's finger. Not enough? Activate thunder and feel the power of destruction. Rent weapons and eliminate enemies. Have no mercy on the bosses. The goal is right. The show must go on. Are you ready? UFS League is a night full of excitement.


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