The InCiti Games sector was created in 2015. It is a part of the InCiti brand, established in 2004 in Poland, Krakow, which includes an advertising agency, a printing house and an interactive department where websites and games for our clients are created. The InCiti Games sector was born out of the "MEET&PLAY" idea, which aims to promote products or companies via games. Our games are created for large and small companies, most of them from the medical industry. We create "Short Play" type games, i.e. short quick games that are supposed to interest the Client and give it quick information about the product or company.

  • Meet and play. An innovative way to advertise your services for playing games!

  • You have the choice on which platform you want to start your game: NINTENDO SWITCH, ANDROID, iOS, Windows, OSX

  • If you have an idea for your game script. Tell him and we'll make him a game!

  • We guarantee the highest level of game development for your services or goods using the UNITY 3D engine.

“Your services or products in your own game"


Clever is a 3D game designed for VR goggles. The game was produced on behalf of a drug producing company. The hero of the game is a robot with a shield, whose mission is to catch viruses (in this case bullets). The game is set in the futuristic world. Platforms: Windows. Worker Rick is a project created for the fuel industry corporations. The main character is Rick. His mission is to fill empty barrels with oil. For each barrel, the player receives funds which enable him to build his refinery in the middle of the sea. Platforms: Android, iOS. Wild Tower is a game created for the playing cards manufacturer. The game is set in the Wild West. The player's task is to knock down 3 card towers in the fastest time possible. The difficulty is not only the demolition of the towers but also the removal of all cards from the boxes. The best records are displayed on the stand screens and rewarded with prizes. Platform: iOS Ipad.


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